There’s More To A Roof Than Meets The Eye

Your roof is the main protection to your home or building.  It’s engineering and placement are far more intricate that one may realize.  Should any part of the roof’s structure be compromised, missing, or damaged, it could lead to catastrophic events that could destroy your home, threaten your family, and the loss of possessions.  That being said, knowing what your roof is made of allows you to follow when the roof inspection that you’ll need is done. The roof is made of several layers.  These Read More +

Can a New Roof Increase Your Home Value?

Last week we introduced you to the PACE program, our new financing program which makes it easier than ever to afford a new roof. This week we thought we’d give you a little more information to demonstrate why a roofing replacement is a good bet. The roof itself is an asset. The roof, walls, and the foundation of the home are the most important parts. So, it’s little wonder that adding a new roof can add up to 40% to the value of your home. Read More +

Living With A Roof Replacement Job

When it’s time to get that roof replaced sometimes you’ll have to deal with the roofing company working while you’re at home. It can be an inconvenience, but one you can live with. Basically, it only takes a few days to do a roof replacement. You can still live and work about your home but there are some things you’ll have to put up with but as long as you handle safety first, there shouldn’t be a major concern. Roofing pros take particular care to Read More +

Don’t Neglect The Value Of Roof Insulation

Often, homeowners get too comfortable and neglect one or some other valuable item in the home. Some let the grass grow too high, others don’t pay attention to plumbing problems until it’s too late. Some let flooring go until it’s time to replace the entire kitchen floor. Yet, one of the most neglected areas is roof insulation. There’s a good reason for all of this. Roofing insulation is out of sight. It’s something that’s done and then covered up and forgotten about. When that happens Read More +

Advantages of an Asphalt Roof

Here at Done Rite Roofing we’ve spoken a great deal about the advantages of metal and tile roofing. When it comes to dealing with the rough weather here in Clearwater, FL, those two roofing types really do stand up to rough weather in a way that asphalt really doesn’t. However, that doesn’t mean that an asphalt roof is not the right choice sometimes. Every roofing type carries its own unique advantages. Asphalt roofing is cost-effective. There is no denying that an asphalt roof is usually Read More +

Roofing, Homeowner’s Insurance, and You

One mistake we see homeowners make all the time is they simply assume their insurance policies will pay for anything and everything that goes wrong with their roof. Thus, they’re sometimes left without the resources they need to take care of roofing problems. In reality, the rules governing how much insurance will help with roofing damage are somewhat complex. You should never assume you’ll be getting a blank check that will allow you to just up and replace your roof. Here are a few things Read More +

Spring Events in Clearwater

The team here at Done Rite Roofing loves to do whatever we can to support our local community. Right now is a great time to do that because there are some really awesome events coming to our local area. If you’ve been feeling a little bored and stir-crazy lately then it’s time to get up, out, and about. You’ll meet new people, experience new taste sensations and enjoy new activities. Maybe we’ll even see you around. The events in this post represent just a small Read More +

How Much Will Your New Roof Cost?

Researching the cost of a new roof can be a frustrating exercise. In this post, we’re going to try to boil down the factors that impact your roofing quote.  These are: The square footage of your roof. The materials used (asphalt, tile, or metal). Labor costs. The pitch of your roof. The complexity of your roof. Let’s take them one at a time. You probably know the square footage of your roof already—that’s going to be the same as the square footage of your home. Read More +

What is a Roof Tune-Up?

You’ve heard about a car tune-up, but what about a roof tune-up? What is it, and who benefits from it? A roof tune-up helps to extend the lifespan of an older asphalt roof. In general, folks with an asphalt roof that is 15 years or older should be considering a tune-up, especially if they aren’t sure they can afford a roof replacement just yet. It’s also a good idea to have a tune-up if you’re trying to sell your home, as the tune-up can be Read More +

How to Save Money on Your New Roof

There’s no doubt about it—a new roof can be expensive. Keep-you-up-at-night expensive, especially if your insurance company isn’t going to help out. And since you already know you shouldn’t make price the first consideration when deciding which contractor’s bid to accept, you may feel like there aren’t any good ways to save money on the repair. After all, if you take a lowball bid, you could end up paying big in other ways. But you can work with a legitimate roofing contractor and still save Read More +