3 Reasons For Installing A New Roof

3 Reasons For Installing A New RoofClose to 5 million new roofs are installed in various homes every year. Most roofing can last for close to 30 years so even if there is a need for the interior and various instruments inside the house the homeowners can afford to wait for fixing their roofs. But although you can wait it doesn’t mean that it is the best option available to you for your house. There are several advantages associated with a new roof in terms of living quality and value.

Reasons for Installing a New Roof

1. Increases the Value of the Home: The structural condition of the home is one of the main factors that come to your mind while considering the initial value of the house. Any home having a damaged roof or a home older than the initially projected life has the effect of reduction in its value. In case you are thinking of selling the house in the future or are thinking about remortgaging it, then having a new roof does wonders for the house increasing its net worth. Some of the estimates have shown a rise in value by $12,000. Worth considering.

2. Removes the Existing Damages: Even the carefully created roofs are prone to damages and can wear over time. It is especially true if you are living in an area subject to difficult weather such as violent storms and extreme cold. Although most roofing is built to withstand the possible conditions in the area they are subject to cracks occurring due to things such as debris being flung by the strong wind that can break tiles or shingles. Some areas from the interior of the house are exposed and it leads to possible damage from rains. By updating to a newer roof these issues are not only removed but the interiors of the home are better protected.

3. Saves Energy and Money: Solar panels used for roofing used to be an expensive proposition and it looked ugly. It also provided returns on the investment only after decades. The technology has evolved now and you can expect the roof to pay for itself within 8 years. When that period is over, the energy bills are a big saving. The dark and cloudy regions of the US can expect to save in the excess of $8000 over 20 years while the sunny areas can expect around $40,000. If you are keen on clean energy this is a good option.


It is worth it unless you have a relatively new roof. It improves your living space, increases the value of the home, saves money, and much more. In a nutshell, this is something you must consider and if you are aware that your roof needs an upgrade it is probably time to do it. If you are looking for acquiring the services of a roofing contractor check out Done Rite Roofing Inc. to see what they can do for you. They can provide many tips and suggestions for your roofing.