4 Reasons You Should Never Do Roofing Work Yourself

DIY roof repairHome improvement shows make any DIY repair look easy. Of course, we tend to forget–those are television shows.

What you are seeing is a story. It’s carefully constructed reality meant to plug you into the fantasy of creating a beautiful new home (or new roof, or new whatever) on the cheap.

We understand–roofing is really expensive, and it would probably be very nice if you could just jump up onto your roof and take care of your issue after making a $20 purchase from the hardware store just like you saw on your favorite show. Unfortunately, reality is often quite harsh. DIY roof repair often ends in disaster.

Here are four reasons why.

Roof work is hazardous.

You’re getting on top of your house and working with tools. You’re not practiced at it.

You could fall off your roof. You could fall through your roof.

There are other hazards as well. For example there’s a good chance you’ll run into asbestos if your house was built before 1980. Obviously asbestos can make you quite sick.

You’ll probably have to make due with low quality materials.

As professional roofers we get special pricing from top roofing manufacturers. We work with Firestone Red Shield, for example, one of the most respected manufacturers in the industry.

You’d probably spend just as much trying to obtain equal-quality materials as you would just hiring a roofer. This means you’ll be stuck with whatever you can get from the big box stores. Your repair is unlikely to last, and the materials mis-match could impact the lifespan of the roof as a whole.

You’ll cause even more damage.

There’s a good chance you’ll end up causing more damage. This means tens of thousands of dollars in repairs later when a leak makes its way inside your home, destroying your big screen television, your carpet, and your furniture.

Remember, your homeowner’s insurance covers repairs to the house. It doesn’t cover replacements for all your stuff. And if the insurance company ever finds out you tried to do the work yourself it might well deny the claim.

You’ll void your warranty.

If your roof is under warranty then you’re going to want to use your warranty. And if the repair isn’t covered by your warranty you’re still going to want to use a high-quality roofing professional. Otherwise, you might ensure no repair is ever covered by your warranty ever again. Most warranties specify that the roof must be repaired by a licensed professional.

At Done Rite Roofing we’ll do everything we can to manage your costs. It makes a more sense to call us for a roofing quote than it does to go it alone. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you live in the Tampa, FL metro area and have a problem with your roof.