Advantages of an Asphalt Roof

Advantages of an Asphalt RoofHere at Done Rite Roofing we’ve spoken a great deal about the advantages of metal and tile roofing. When it comes to dealing with the rough weather here in Clearwater, FL, those two roofing types really do stand up to rough weather in a way that asphalt really doesn’t.

However, that doesn’t mean that an asphalt roof is not the right choice sometimes. Every roofing type carries its own unique advantages.

Asphalt roofing is cost-effective.

There is no denying that an asphalt roof is usually the most cost-effective choice. If you need a new roof and you’re on a budget, then asphalt is the way to go. And because you don’t need to save as much money, you can typically get the roof up on your home a lot faster.

And since the asphalt materials are so inexpensive, repairs don’t cost as much as they would on a tile roof.

Asphalt roofing is the best choice if you plan on selling your house.

While a tile or metal roof does add to the sale value of the house it’s only ever going to add a percentage. You’re rarely going to recoup your entire investment in the home’s sell-price, so why would you pay extra to put a metal or tile roof on the home? Put a good, high-quality asphalt roof on the home and let the new owners worry about upgrading if they want to.

However, if you’re planning to live in the home for the rest of your life, then a metal roof is a great investment. You’ll basically put the metal roof on and never think about it again, as it will deliver a lifespan of 50 to 100 years, easy.

You can walk on an asphalt roof.

If you need to do a lot of walking on your roof than asphalt is the safest way to go. I’m looking at folks who put satellite dishes up, folks who actually have a bit of roofing skill and who might be capable of replacing a few shingles after a windstorm, or folks who want to get up and hang elaborate light displays on their roof every single Christmas.

Tile roofing cracks when you walk on it. Metal roofing is slippery and can be treacherous. The rough surface of an asphalt roof does make it a lot easier to navigate if you absolutely must be up there on a regular basis.

Still not sure what kind of roof to buy?

Contact us here at Done Rite Roofing. When we give you your free, detailed quote we’ll be happy to go over the differences in pricing, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of buying each roofing type. After all, your situation is unique, and we want to help you find the roof that’s right for you.