Damage Signs & Considerations For A New Commercial Roof

Signs It's Time to Replace Your Commercial RoofAm I in the need of a roofing company to replace my commercial roofing? This is a common question asked by several building owners when they are faced with a plethora of problems ranging from roof decay to isolated leakage. When you are aware of what and when to repair a commercial roof or whether you need a replacement you can reserve funds accordingly and call a roofing company that will schedule the work and gets it done in good time.

Damage Signs
How do you know that it is time to get a roofing company to replace or repair the roof of your commercial establishment? Here are some signs that are indicators that your commercial roof is in the need of repair if not a replacement.

Even if a single shingle is missing from the roof of any building the spot emptied by it serves as an opening for rainwater. If the water makes its way under the shingles and makes its way through the leak barrier it will saturate certain spots and eventually will seep through the roof. Puddle saturation is another reason for roof leaks. The point of entry of the rainwater in the roof will be surrounded by stains collected due to the puddles. When the leakage is near the wall the upper portion of the wall has water stains.

Sometimes a peculiar odor permeates through the room and the smell is normally the result of the mold. It is formed when the water has dried on the rooftop surface. When the roof leakage goes undetected for several days or weeks there is smelly mold formation which can be the first clue for your plans. A water puddle formed on the floors is a clear sign of roof leaks. This is the most serious kind of leakage when the water is leaking through the hole in the top surface and not just seeping through at a point where the water saturation has taken place.

Being aware of when to replace a roof is significant when you have a building that is in use. None of the roofs can last forever. No matter what was used for the construction, most of the roofs last for about 2 decades. After completing 15 years from the day of installation you can assume that the roof has served its lifespan and it should be checked frequently for signs of wear. The ultimate lifespan of any roof depends on the material used however, the local climate also plays a vital role.

The frequency at which the issues are appearing indicates whether a roof is worth saving. If you find an issue with the roof that is fixed after 10 years and then there are no further problems, you can expect the roof to last for another 10 years. If a roof has experienced frequent saturation, leakage, and crack formation it is not reliable going forward. Another less obvious sign is rising energy bills. But in most cases, the shift in the amount is so subtle that it takes months to notice the difference. This is because the rising energy billing can be attributed to many factors such as raised rates, wasteful energy consumption, etc.

All commercial businesses need secure and optimum roofing. To make sure of the roof quality you have to visit the roofing periodically. For any concerns regarding roofs in Tampa Bay, Florida, you can go to Done Rite Roofing Inc. which is the leading roofing company in the area. This roofing company provides consultations with experts to determine what is best for the roofs.