Effective Roof Attic Ventilation

Effective Roof Attic VentilationThe rising heat of summer in Florida coupled with the usual humidity can present a lot of long-term issues for residences that do not have sufficient roof attic ventilation. Roof ventilation permits air exchange. It paves a way for the outside air to flow inside and through the attic space. It also takes away the moisture and heat with it. Significantly the air requires way inside the house and outside for proper airflow. Normally the outside air can enter the attic space from a low spot such as a soffit and leaves from a higher spot such as a ridge vent. There is a good air balance in the roof attic when roof ventilation is working effectively.

Harmful effects of poor ventilation

Let’s look at what will happen when the roof attic space is not adequately ventilated. It will lead to a build-up of two destructive forces viz. heat and moisture. These two forces are capable of wreaking havoc within the home.

Heat build-up

When there is insufficient roof ventilation, the heat gathering from the sun beats down on the house roof and it has nowhere else to go. This stagnant air is similar to an oven above your living space. If your attic space has become super-heated, most of the heat is transferred to the walls and ceiling of the rooms below. If these rooms heat up, the air conditioning system is forced to work a lot harder than normal to maintain the space in a cool condition. This will lead to undue taxing of the cooling unit and it will also increase the energy bill. This heat can also transfer back and up through the shingles of the roof. All this leads to a shortening of the lifespan of your roof.

Moisture build-up

The moisture build-up is harmful, whether it is due to heavy weather, ambient humidity, or in-home applications such as washing machines and showers. It is one of the worst things to happen to a structure. Condensation will drip into the insulation rendering it less than effective and it also compounds the heat issues discussed above. High condensation can even run down walls and ceilings, leaves stains, and damages the paint.

If it looks as if the roof of your home is not properly ventilated or the shingles have gotten compromised because of super-heated roof attic space, you can get in touch with Done Rite Roofing in Pinellas County, FL. Keep in mind that mold and mildew are even worse problems because they thrive in damp and warm conditions.