How Different Roofing Materials Withstand Florida’s Climate

Roofing Materials fir Florida’s ClimateRoofing durability should be an obvious concern, regardless of what type of building you own. It makes perfect sense to want to know how long your roof is going to last because when it fails, your structure will also fail.

It doesn’t matter how well it’s built, you’ll still have problems. For this reason, you should take some time to learn about which roofing materials stand up best in Florida’s climate.

How Long Materials Last

There are some common, industry-wide estimates regarding how long different roofing materials last. These include:

The reason there’s such a huge spread in the length that these different types of material will last is the varying factors in their durability. This makes it impossible to give a universal estimate for all types of roofing materials today.

Factors Affecting Your Roof’s Lifespan

Florida’s climate has a way of shortening the lifespan of different materials. For instance, tires that are said to last for 75,000 miles may only last for 60,000 miles instead. The material on your roof is affected by the same heat that affects your tires. This heat is known to be so hot that you can fry an egg on a blacktop road sometimes. Of course, the heat is only one of many factors at work here. It’s also important to consider other things like how good your gutters are, along with how well you maintain them, protect them from UV rays, and ventilate them. The overall quality of the original roofing construction will also come into play here.

You can also go out of your way to do some things that will make your roof last longer. By being vigilant about taking care of your home and having your roof inspected by a professional each year you can prevent minor problems from turning into major ones. All it takes is some immediate attention, regardless of what material you use for constructing your home.

Have an Inspection

Determining how long your roof will last requires you to consider numerous different aspects. Many of these things are not only beyond your control but also beyond your understanding. These things grow even more challenging when you buy a home that was previously owned by someone else. While you no longer know how old certain features are or how good a job the original professional did, a professional can tell you if you need to completely replace the entire structure, if you just need to make a few repairs, or if it’s in good shape.

Having a professional Florida roofing contractor like Done Rite Roofing Inc. inspect your roof is the best way to maintain it. They can also tell you how long it’ll last by inspecting its flashing, sheathing, drainage, structure, and covering. Once inspected, you’ll be given suggestions about how to extend its life through making repairs and conducting routine maintenance so make sure you give them a call today.