Hurricane Preparation For Your Roof

Hurricane Preparation For Your RoofIn most cases, your home is one of your main investments. Therefore, protecting your home in the hurricane season should be one of your top priorities. The energy released during the hurricane season is sufficient to detach the roof of your home from its mainframe. This can lead to serious damage to your house. Here are some measures you can take to protect your home from the hurricane.

Roof inspection

Contact the best available roof repair professionals in your area to get help for inspecting your roof. The specialists have the knowledge and experience to find faults in the roof and they will decide whether the roof can handle the upcoming hurricane. These pros will also inspect the roof interiors to decide whether the roofing has become weak due to mold and moisture. They will also look out for leakage, loose shingles, and cracked caulk. After this, you will get a detailed report which will include life expectancy, recommendations, and an estimate of repair.

Clean the gutters and drainage systems

Your drainage system plays a significant role in mitigating storm damage. The hurricane accompanied by rain is quite capable of causing serious damage. The homeowner should look to ensure that the drainage systems and gutters are free to enable water flow effectively during the storm. Remove all the debris from the drainage systems and make sure that these gutters are clear so that all the rainwater can flow through them smoothly. You might need a roofing professional for cleaning up the gutters properly.

Review the insurance policy

It might be a good idea to review your insurance policy to check whether it covers the full cost of construction if you completely lose a home in the hurricane. Ensure that the insurance covers the roofing cost as well. Many insurers don’t cover for the house roofing. Therefore check out with your insurers first. Along with the roofing insurance, you also need to decide whether you are covered for floods. Many people cover their houses for hurricanes but forget to include floods that follow in the cover.

Adding roof straps

The professionals doing roofing installation in the Tampa Bay area will think of attaching the roof to the house walls by using metal straps. Placing these straps is mandatory according to Florida law. These straps help in strengthening the roof and they make the roof more resistant to failure if it is subjected to high wind. All these straps used for domestic roofs need to have less than half-inch gap from the truss. You have to be well-prepared if you are looking to survive the hurricane season. The National Weather Service expects more than 4 hurricanes this year along with 10 major storms.

Hurricane Preparation

Here are some ways for hurricane preparation.

  • Have plans for evacuation ready.
  • Prepare the home for the hurricane.
  • Maintain significant documents in a safe place where there will be the least damage due to water.
  • Develop a hurricane kit consisting of food, water, battery, radio, first aid kit, flashlight, local map, cell phone with charger, and additional batteries.

In the end, it is up to you to decide what you wish for in your kit. However, these are essential items. Keep in mind the safety of your pets as well. Hurricane preparation for the pet is pretty similar to your preparation. Packing for food, water, ownership documents, vaccination details, ID tags, and the odd toy.

In case you are not sure about your preparations for the roof for the hurricane season and you wish for a professional to have a look at, just give a call to Done Rite Roofing Inc. They will provide a free inspection and give you an estimate for their services. They have a long-standing business in the Tampa, FL area and you can expect a piece of honest roofing advice.