Importance Of Soffits And Fascias For Your Roofing

Importance Of Soffits And Fascias For Your Roofing

Soffits and fascias are some of the more underrated yet significant components of the roofing system. The reason behind it is that although they do not appear to be all that important, they play a vital part in the performance of the roofing system. For understanding the importance of soffits and fascias you need to understand what they are for.

What are soffits and fascias?

If you have noticed the planks fitted on the underside of the overhanging eaves of the house they are called soffits. Most commonly they are built from vinyl and consist of small openings that allow breathing of the attic. The fascia boards are fitted at the end of the rafters of your house or the trusses and they serve as barriers between the roofing and other elements of the roof.

Significance of soffits and fascias

One of the main reasons why the soffits and fascias are so significant is that they provide a finished look to the exteriors of your home thereby increasing the aesthetic appeal of the house. But their importance goes beyond this use. They are also responsible for preventing structural damage to the house. This is accomplished by soffits and fascias be keeping the pets away from an invasion. They can stop the build-up of moisture and cause mold growth and can also result in rotted rafters and sheathing. According to the experts in soffit contracting, another reason for the benefit of soffits and fascias is that they can cycle heat out of your attic along with the moisture. This results in improved ventilation and better air circulation for the roof.

How do you know that it is time for soffit and fascia repair or replacement?

Similar to the other parts of your house, the soffit and fascia need to be inspected regularly. In case your professional contractor has noticed that the soffits and fascia are deteriorating or have sustained damage due to some reason you need to get them repaired or replaced immediately. Or, the overall stability of the roof structure can get compromised. Some tell-tale signs indicate that they are damaged. They include flaking or peeling off paint, evidence of rotting, and pest infection on the roofing.

Maintaining the soffits and fascia

Repair and replacement apart, if you are looking to properly maintain these significant components of your roofing ensure that they are sealed, caulked, and well-painted at all times. Take the necessary steps to make sure that they are installed properly and are correctly water-proofed for preventing the moisture issues after some time. This is because damaged gutters or flashing does not function correctly and can lead to different issues. Keep the gutters clean and make sure to have the backed-up water going to the fascia board initially before going anywhere else.

The fascia boards and soffits protect against moisture, mold, and rot. They are also responsible for increasing energy efficiency and preventing irreparable structural damage to the house. If you are in the need to repair or replacement of the soffits and fascias in the Clearwater, FL area you can get in touch with the roofing experts at Done Rite Roofing Inc. for a free estimate.