Prepare Your Roof For The Storm Season

Although different seasons come and go, there is the constant threat of weather any homeowner is required to face. This weather is the primary factor for all wear and tear on the exterior of your home and there is no way to win this battle against the skies. Sunshine degrades the quality of the roof and other exteriors while rain increases the chances of leakage and flooding. Seemingly harmless things such as wind can rip the shingles off your roof. While battling such things as a summer hurricane in Florida you need to prepare your house for withstanding the onslaught of storm season.

Batten down all your hatches

Battening down your hatches is an old term used by the mariners while working on ships when a storm is on its way. Here the idea is to close all portholes, doors, and trapdoors to ensure that water hitting the sides, sloshing over the deck, raining down cannot result in the ship insides filling up. For your house, it means you have to secure all the windows and doors tightly. Double-check the weather stripping you have used and replace it if required. At the time of a storm, air pressure is a major problem so doors and windows are relevant for roofing as well. If your window or door blows open it will raise the air pressure within your house and push your roofing upward decreasing its stability.

Clean your drain spouts and gutters

It doesn’t matter whether you are expecting heavy rains or wind. You don’t want the storm to cause your gutters to fill up and get clogged. It may result in the whole precipitation management system overflow causing harmful puddles getting collected on the roof edge and water spilling over the gutter sides. Drain spouts and gutters are in existence to drive the storm season water away from the house and decrease wear and tear of your sidings and roof for minimizing the chances of persistent water damage. There is this chance that gutters that are heavy with soaked leaves and sticks will break away from the roof and fall to cause damage to the roof. For protecting your siding, gutters, and roof all at the same time, ensure that your gutters are flawless and your drain spouts are unblocked before the storm season hits your area.

Trim your tree branches

During your storm season you get large hailstones and intense winds that are bad enough however, the greatest damage to your roof can be caused by dropping a tree branch over it. They are heavy objects and are capable of shattering the tiles, cracking your roof support, and as a result, cost many dollars for repair. A great way of preventing this type of disaster is by maintaining your trees properly trimmed and away from your roof. Although there is nothing you can do about the strong winds of your storm season that can blow tree branches across a distance, you may at least avoid your branches falling over the roofing.

When you are seriously worried about the integrity of your roofing throughout the upcoming storm season you may consider calling in a professional roofing service for a proper inspection and consultation regarding techniques that may be used for storm season preparation. If you live in Clearwater, Palm Harbor, and Pinellas County, FL area, you can get in touch with a reliable roofing service such as Done Rite Roofing. They can install roof-ties making your roof more secure against large storms such as tornadoes and hurricanes or they may suggest some routine repair for making sure that all parts of the roof are secure.

Picture Credit: Freepik