Preventive Roof Maintenance To Minimize Damage And Leakage

Preventive Roof Maintenance To Minimize Damage And LeakagePremature failure of roofing is always attributed to neglect or lack of preventive roof maintenance. It is recommended that you get your roof inspected by using an experienced roofing contractor at least twice every year. If possible do it in spring and fall and generally after severe weather conditions such as heavy rains, hail, and high winds. If you perform regular roof maintenance there are many long term positive effects that include,

1. Extension of roof lifespan: Roofing is the largest investment you make in a home. The costing involved in roof replacement generally depends on the material used and slope provided but you can expect to pay $6.5 to $20 per square foot for roof replacement. If you can perform regular roof maintenance it prevents premature roof replacement and another unplanned repair. The roofing contractor can provide insight that will extend the lifespan of the roofing. The maintenance work may include the addition of cover boards and insulation.

2. Improvement in performance of the roof: The main reason to stick to the rigid roof maintenance schedule is to avoid costly repair activities later. Various property owners that neglect the roof will not be aware of the roofing issues till it is too late and there are large scale damages. If you invest in regular roof maintenance there will be visits by the roofing contractor who will spot and address the roofing issues before there is escalation.

3. Roof warranty is kept in effect: One of the great ways of starting a preventive roof maintenance program is by developing files of all records that are related to roofing. These records include past inspections, repair and maintenance records, original drawings, specifications, and warranties. Warranties provided by most manufacturers of roof material need recurring repair and maintenance records. Any neglect to perform these can be perceived as neglect and will make the roof warranty void. Regular preventive maintenance keeps your warranty in effect. Remember, the main goal of preventive roof maintenance is getting the maximum life out of the roof with the least possible expenses.

4. Improved energy efficiency of your home: Energy-efficient Buildings have less heat gain when the weather is hot and there is less heat loss when it is wintertime. These buildings reduce the heating and cooling needs and as a result decrease the utility bills. By performing scheduled roof maintenance sessions the roofing contractor can advise you about issues such as problems with insulation materials, reflective coatings that result in greater energy efficiency. These contractors are likely to suggest a green roof while performing roof replacement.

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