Reasons For A Roof Inspection In Clearwater, FL

Reasons For A Roof Inspection In Clearwater, FLRoofs are many times compared to tires. You think about them only when there is a problem and we can replace them when there is a need. However, when you think of maintaining tires regularly, it means you are extending their lives. In a similar manner, you need to ensure that roofing receives maintenance for increasing its life. Let’s see why roofs have to be inspected?

1. Aging and Weathering: A typical lifespan for the multi-ply bituminous and low-slope roofs is between 20 to 30 years. The life lies between 15 to 25 years for the single-ply roofs. Almost all roofs suffer from aging and weathering and its effects can be seen. As the roofs face rough weather, normally various openings might occur and this leads to water infiltration. Regular inspection brings attention to the areas under the weather and allows the homeowners to schedule roof maintenance for these deficiencies and prevent more damage.

2. Storm Damage: Hail storms, high winds, and other such events cause damage to the roofs which can lead to repair or insurance claims. Roofs need to be inspected often after the weather events for stopping further damage because of water infiltration. The roof maintenance concern can be slight or may require major maintenance or roof replacement. The insurance experts have reported that a significant quantity of storm damage is because of components, material, and debris blown from roofing during high winds. Tree branches and limbs falling on the roof can also lead to significant damage.

The roof blow-out begins at the perimeter normally and when the roof is not designed properly or not installed correctly for providing correct perimeter securement, you can have severe damage. You may need an emergency repair for storm damage which costs a lot of money.

3. Avoid Accumulation of Damage: A well-maintained and clean roof adds to the aesthetic value of your home. Apart from that, the accumulated debris and dirt over the roof may clog the gutters and drain pipes resulting in standing water leaks. A roof inspection can lead to cleaning the roof regularly and this will protect it from wind damage caused by the loose material over the surface.

4. Roof Warranties: When you conduct a roof inspection regularly you will know when to file your claims in good time. Most roof manufacturer warranties cover the repair costs or replacement costs when there are leakage and other damage. However, if you fail to file the claim on time, you will have to pay for the issue to get fixed.

5. Better roof security: Unlocked roof hatches and skylights develop certain areas on the roof which can be used by thieves to break into your facility. A regular roof inspection will make sure that all areas of the roof are firmly secured and it makes for a safer home.

The homeowners must have a schedule for conducting the roof inspection. Professional roofing companies such as Done Rite Roofing Inc. are capable of scheduling the roof inspections that will increase the life of your roof. You can get a higher value from the commercial roof by using these tips. Remember, extended roof life begins with regular roof inspections.