Roof Maintenance Tips For Homeowners

roof maintenance checklist

Each year there are thousands of homeowners who replace their roof due to two reasons. One is that it has reached the end of its lifespan, and the second reason is that the storm last year has done a number on it. Although everybody has to replace the roof eventually there are many roof maintenance tips you can use for shingle roofs to avoid tearing it down sooner or later. Here is a roof maintenance checklist that can help you in identifying and preventing the damage that can cause serious issues with the normal roof.

1. Check the shingles regularly: So, the question is how do you carry out your roof maintenance? Firstly, you need to check on the roof as often as you can, especially after high winds or heavy storms. One silver lining to this is that there is no need to climb up a ladder to take a good look at the roof. Rather, you will just need a pair of binoculars for checking out the possible anomalies. The things you need to check out while inspecting the roof are,

  • Curling shingles.
  • Missing shingles.
  • Cracked shingles.
  • Missing granules.
  • Peeling flashing.

Any of these signs of possible roof damage should be considered as soon as possible and if possible by professional roofing contractors that can safely make the required repair.

2. Look for Leakage in Ceiling and Attic: The next tip for roof maintenance is looking for water stains in the house. You need to check your ceiling and attic as regularly as the roof itself for any damage caused by water to ward off serious threats to the roof. The most common warning signs include,

  • Water stains on the ceiling.
  • A musty odor in some of the rooms.
  • Spots on the exterior walls.
  • Bulging patches on the wall interior.

When you notice any of these symptoms the next step should be to locate the leaking area and call in professionals to patch up the hole. If you are a believer in the DIY you can try it but it should be a minor repair.

3. Washing the Roof: Another key roof maintenance tip is to wash the shingled roof. As the roofing gets older it begins to look dirty and long dark streaks start to flow from the peak right to the eave. This happens to be algae growing in your home. It will not cause any immediate damage however, in case you leave it on the roof for a long period it will rot the shingles.
For getting rid of the plant-like critters you need to spray the roof with a 50-50 mixture of bleach and water. It will kill this alga pretty quickly however, you may wish to install copper strips just below the top of the roof. If it rains the copper molecules stream down the roof to kill the algae trying to grow back on.

4. Cleaning the gutters: No checklist for roof maintenance can be complete without this kind of roof maintenance. Although it is fairly dirty work, cleaning the gutters is necessary for roof maintenance. The clogged gutters make it easy for the water to seep through the roof structure developing more than just stains. Almost all experts recommend cleaning the gutters twice every year once in the late spring and then in the early fall.


By using these roof maintenance tips and a by using good pair of binoculars you are ready for your roof maintenance for years to come. If you need the help of professionals you can consult Done Rite Roofing, Inc. for expert advice and service.