Roof Repairs


Is your Clearwater home or business bothered by a leaky roof? At Done Rite Roofing, we specialize in all types of roof repairs to stop leaks and prevent further damage. With over 25 years of experience serving Clearwater area property owners, we have the expertise to properly diagnose and fix your roofing issues.

Why You May Need Roof Repairs

From hurricanes to thunderstorms, extreme weather can tear shingles loose or lead to other roof problems. Even branches or debris blown onto the roof during storms can cause leaks if they puncture or crack shingles.

Over time, roof materials deteriorate from sun exposure, heat stress, and normal wear and tear. Old roofs eventually start leaking without proper upkeep and maintenance.

Mistakes during the original roof installation can cause eventual leakage and other issues. We fix all types of roofing workmanship defects.

A compromised roof deck structure or insufficient attic ventilation stresses the roof and leads to premature waterproof membrane failure.

By catching roof issues early, you prevent more extensive water damage to your home. Our Clearwater roofers are here to take care of any roof repairs before major problems develop!

Shingle Roof Repairs

One of Florida’s most common roof types, asphalt shingles can start leaking over time when granules wear off and expose the asphalt to UV damage. Not to mention, extreme winds can loosen shingle adhesion, leading to blow-offs.

Our expert roofers offer reliable asphalt shingle repairs in Clearwater to fix:

  • Blown off, cracked, broken, or missing shingles
  • Curled-up or warped shingle tabs
  • Exposed nail heads allowing water intrusion
  • Leaks around vents, skylights, pipes, valleys and problem areas

We carry all major brands and colors of shingles for seamless patchwork.

Tile Roof Repairs

Mediterranean-style tile roofs are known for durable beauty. But whether clay, concrete, or specialty tile, these heavy roofs can leak from weatherwear, poor installation, or damaged underlayment. Tile damage often occurs during storms when debris hits the roof.

Our Clearwater roofing contractors offer specialized tile roof repairs, including:

  • Replacing broken, cracked, or loose roof tiles
  • Leak detection testing and waterproofing at eave lines and roof penetrations
  • Rebuilding crumbling mortar around ridge lines
  • Inspecting underlayment for needed repairs to prevent interior leaks
  • Tile reglazing to restore color uniformity and beauty
Tile Roofing

Metal Roof Repairs

Architectural metal roofs in our area can spring leaks but still last 50+ years when properly maintained. Metal roofs offer many advantages, but they aren’t immune to damage. Metal expands and contracts a lot with temperature swings, eventually causing fastener issues and exposing seals. Sometimes, a lack of protective finish causes corrosion.

For metal roof repairs, we offer:

  • Resealing joints around roof penetrations
  • Resetting popped nails and replacing damaged or degraded fasteners
  • Fixing corrosion damage and recoating areas needing to be refinished
  • Soldering joints and repairing gutters and flashing

Flat Roof Repairs

The majority of commercial buildings in Florida have flat roofs, but they are also popular on modern homes for a sleek, contemporary look. Flat roofs in the Florida sun undergo a lot of weathering and foot traffic damage. Pooled water accelerates roofing breakdown.

We fix all types of flat roof problems, including:

  • Punctures and cracks over the membrane surface
  • Deteriorated rubber on EPDM flat roofs
  • Leak repairs around drains, equipment curbs, seams & penetrations
  • Repair and re-foaming insulation under membrane roofs
  • Complete tear-offs and re-membraning when needed

Choosing Done Rite For Your Roof Repair Project

Choosing the right Clearwater roofing contractor matters when dealing with roof leaks and damage. Done Rite Roofing offers home and business owners:

  • Highly trained and background-checked roofers
  • Manufacturer certifications to properly repair warrantied roofs
  • A+ rating with BBB and Angie’s List preferred status
  • Respite Service and extended payment plans if insured claim
  • Concierge Project Management services
  • Affordable financing solutions

Our Roof Repair Process

Upon contacting Done Rite Roofing regarding your leaky roof or storm damage, we implement a comprehensive process to complete your repair project:

Schedule an inspection and assess the damage, take photos, and document repairs needed. Provide an estimate for your review.

Obtain any HOA approvals for aesthetic roof issues. Secure permits if structurally significant.

Schedule your job completion when convenient for you. Provide timeline updates.

Perform diagnostic and repair work, then test repaired areas on the roof.

Protect landscaping and home interior. After repairs, we will clean the property thoroughly.

Provide manufacturer warranties on repairs and our workmanship warranty.

Contact Done Rite Roofing Today

Don’t let minor roof issues worsen and cause expensive water or mold damage. Done Rite Roofing delivers reliable, honest roofing services in Clearwater, FL, and surrounding areas.

Call 727-353-6683 or contact us online today to schedule your roof inspection! Our friendly staff are ready to help stop your leaks.