Roofing Issues Experienced During Clearwater, Florida’s Rainy Season

Roofing Issues Experienced During Clearwater, Florida's Rainy SeasonWhile rainy season in Florida is a great time to stay home and enjoy the raindrops’ pitter-pattering away on your rooftop, it isn’t so great if you need roof repair or a total roof replacement done on your home. This typically happens when you haven’t properly maintained your home throughout the dry season. When this happens, a whimsical rain quickly turns into a nightmare. To prevent this from happening to you, routine roof maintenance is a “must.”

By performing routine roof maintenance you’re able to conduct roof repair before it becomes a roof replacement instead. This will help lighten the load on your finances as well. Although the rainy season doesn’t typically cause the damage to your roof, it can make things worse. As such, you’ll want to have an expert look at your roof and help you prepare for the rainy season. In doing so, there are several things you can easily avoid.


Throughout the year your roof is hard at work protecting what lies underneath it from the devastating effects that rain could potentially cause. Unfortunately, this places a lot of continuous stress on your roof that could lead to its shingles buckling or curling. If high winds are also present throughout the rainy season, the shingles could be ripped, or they may be torn off. When this happens, their membrane is exposed to the rain, compromising your shingles, leaving behind bare spots, and allowing water to seep through your roof where it can then cause serious damage.

Water may seep into your home or business if you have broken or cracked tiling on your roof, or the roof itself becomes worn or defective. This can cause pools of water to form whereby water is then able to leak into your roof and eventually make its way into your home. This isn’t something you should attempt to correct on your own though because if you walk on your roof’s tiles you could break them.

Wood rot and Mold

Your roof has a material on it that’s known as “flashing.” This is meant to prevent water from seeping into your roof’s joints. Occasionally, these joints will become compromised, nonetheless. This is risky because then your roof’s joints are continually exposed to moisture, which creates the perfect condition for mold to grow. When this happens, the wood that’s in this area of your home will also start to rot.


When rainwater finds its way into your home or business, you’ll eventually begin seeing stains on your roof. Once this happens, you’ll know for sure that you will need to have some roof repair work done for your building. Unfortunately, it can be quite challenging for the “normal” person to figure out where the leak is occurring, which is why it’s so important for you to hire a professional to do this job for you. They understand how a leak can travel from its entry point and leave a stain somewhere else. In other words, you shouldn’t expect the leak to always be located directly above where the stain has occurred. This is why it can be so tricky for you to identify and address where the leak’s impact is located unless you’re a licensed roofing contractor.

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Picture Credit: Mariamichelle