Tampa Bay Area Springtime Roof Maintenance Tips

Tampa Bay Area Springtime Roof Maintenance TipsNew roofing projects cost the homeowners in the region of $6000 to $14,000. This investment for a new roof can be wasted if you do not carry out proper roof maintenance. Therefore, once the winter season is coming towards the end you must start thinking about the spring roof maintenance. The winter weather takes quite a bit of toll on shingles especially in the areas with heavy storms. In any event, you must clean the roof periodically to make sure that the home looks good and it also boosts the lifespan of the roof. Here are some roof maintenance tips for springtime.

Cleaning the Gutters

One of the first things to check when you carry out roof maintenance is the gutter system. Normally the condition of your gutters has a direct impact on the overall health of the roofing. Clogged and weak gutters lead to the overflow of water. In most conditions, it is necessary to clean the gutters twice every year. Debris and leaves end up blocking the gutters so you must ensure that the rainwater can flow unobstructed and steadily through them to stop any damage to the foundation. Keep in mind to flush the gutters before cleaning them to avoid blocking of the downspout. A hose is an ideal tool for cleaning the gutter. In this case, also make sure that you flush the gutter before cleaning.

Checking the vents

When you have observed awkward numbers on your monthly energy bill you can assume that there is a problem with the vents. Ventilation is necessary for keeping your roof in good condition. After the adverse winter season, you may get a series of problems such as a damp basement or condensation. These problems occur as a result of poor ventilation. Ensure that you have checked the metal stripping around the ridge, chimneys, and vents. Heavy storms loosen this stripping and it means decreased ventilation for the house. It is a good idea to replace the stripping in this case.

Check for the Tree Limp

The tree branches and limbs hanging on top of your roof pose many risks to the house and your family members. At the time of high wind, these limps scrape against the shingles and this results in stripping off layers of asphalt and gravel. The tree limp can also cause mold growth and leaks when it falls on the gutters or the roof. Heavy branches also may fall on the roof leading to damage. In case your or your neighbor’s trees are hanging on top of your roof it is a good idea to trim the branches before they damage the roofing. Keep in mind that trimming heavy limps is a risky and difficult task. If you cannot handle it you may get help from the roofing professionals.

Removing the Mold and Moss Growth

Trimming the trees and removing the accumulated leaves can aid in reducing the growth of mold and moss. This is because the removal of moss and mold allows sunlight penetration which removes the moisture. Many people opt to use chemicals for removing the problem once and for all. But the problem with chemicals is that they might damage some of your plants and parts. You may add zinc and copper strips onto the ridge to stave off the growth of the moss. Ensure that all the discoloration is removed during this cleaning. Many people use chlorine bleach or copper sulfate solution with a garden sprayer for killing the mold growth.


Springtime roof maintenance is necessary for almost all homeowners who want to make sure that their roof stays in top condition. You should contact Done Rite Roofing company that can take care of your roof maintenance needs and roof repairs if needed.

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