What To Do If Your Roof Is Leaking? Call A Roofing Company!

What To Do If Your Roof Is Leaking? Call A Roofing Company!Everybody is aware that roof leaks are no fun. Your home must have the ambiance to make you feel safe and protected from the conditions outdoors. However, it doesn’t always work out as outside elements such as snow and rain creep their way inside the home whether you like it or not. Such instances occur and when they do, a good idea is to take immediate action especially because there are chances of this causing water damage to the roof and your home. When you find that your roof is leaking you can perform certain things and these are key things for managing the situation and reducing the possible damage from water. Here are certain things you can do.

1. Move your things out of the way

If your roof is leaking the situation is bad enough. The last thing you wish for during the catastrophe is the water ruining your belongings. In case you find leakage over your bed, furniture, or clothing it is a good idea to clear this area as soon as possible. Water damage due to roof leaks is capable of destroying many of your precious belongings and absolutely no one wants that. Apart from that, many fabrics retain water and as a result, there is a dreadful mildew smell around. So, just push aside the things you can. ASAP.

2. Try and contain water

When you have a roof leak, you must try to contain it as far as possible. Get hold of garbage cans, buckets, towels, and everything else you will find for capturing the water for decreasing the impact and reducing the damage that this water is likely to cause. Another problem is that it may cause water damage to your flooring. Ensure that you have many containers close by that can help in trapping the water and you can switch them out regularly for reducing the risk of overflow.

3. Relieve the water pressure

If you find a sagging bulge on your ceiling, it is a clear indication that you have water retaining in that place. Even though it may seem like a bad idea to poke a hole in the area, you can go ahead and do it. In case you decide to leave the area as it is, the retained water may spread across to cause even more damage to the roof. It is going to burst anyway to create a huge mess. You can use a screwdriver for puncturing the lowest point of this bulge and place a bucket below to collect the water. You may need many punctures depending on the leak size.

4. Use tarpaulin for roof repair

When for any reason you are unable to get the leaking roof fixed immediately, the next best alternative is using tarpaulin. If your roof is safe for climbing, you can cover the problem area by using a tarp. Many times, these problem areas are tough to locate. When you are facing any problems try and pinpoint the problem area depending on where the roof leak is. Use a tarp with at least 6 mm thickness and it must extend a minimum of 4 feet across the problem area before reaching the top.

5. Get in touch with a professional roofing company

Fixing a roof leak can be a huge undertaking and therefore it is a good idea to contact the pros. The longer you wait for help the worse this issue is likely to become. Keep in mind that there is only so much you are capable of doing for managing the situation therefore you must fix the roof leak immediately. Pro roofers are experts in dealing with the problem areas and they can assess other potential spots on the roof that need your attention and may require reconstruction and repair.

Keep in mind that if you find a roof leak do not panic. Yes, it is a big inconvenience but if you can follow the tips above you can get the situation under control in no time. But there is only so much you can do on your own and things might need pro assistance. For roof repair in Palm Harbor, FL, and Pinellas County area, get in touch with Done Rite Roofing Inc for professional assistance.