Why My Skylight Is Leaking

Leaking SkylightA skylight is capable of adding a striking ambiance to your rooms. If you allow natural light to stream through from the ceiling these skylight windows can bring character to the space like no other feature. However, there are certain drawbacks involved in skylight installation. It is a projecting roof feature and as a result, it is prone to issues such as leakage and cracks. It does not mean that having a skylight is more troublesome than it’s worth but, you need to be aware of the complications. Here are some common fixes when the skylight is leaking.

1. Replace your flashing: Flashing is installed on the roof specifically to stop the projecting roof elements develop leaks close to the sides. You need to install top-quality metal flashing around your skylight to stop it from leaking. Keep in mind that even the best available flashing is likely to wear out sooner than other roof elements.

2. Check out the insulation: Without sufficient insulation or when there isn’t any insulation, warm air can flow freely from within the house. Once this warm air touches the glass panes, you get condensation. This brings you right back to the issue described in the point above. In many cases, rain may also infiltrate through poorly insulated spaces thereby causing trouble to the insulation as it leaks.

3. Replacing the weather seals: Weather seals are responsible for providing waterproof barriers and support to all those elements from the roof that maintain it free from leakage. When you have skylight leaking, these weather seals may have aged and as a result, peeled mainly due to the exposure to the Florida sun. Fortunately, this is a simple fix and takes only a few minutes.

4. Skylight replacement: Skylight replacement will be mandatory in cases where you can see cracks in the glass. These cracked glasses can be the main reason why you are getting the skylight leaking. One of the main reasons for the skylight leaking is the hailstorm. The small hailstones can many times cause chipping. Minor damage over time can get worse. After this, a single direct hit from a larger stone can cause a crack.

Role of condensation in skylight leaking

A high degree of humidity can cause the development of condensation that can drip down the skylight glass. It is made more probable if you are forced to use the air conditioner quite frequently for making the home comfortable. This difference between outdoor and indoor temperatures will lead to condensation. If you find that you have a skylight leaking and there is no cloud in the sky, you can expect the condensation to be the culprit. Fortunately, it is not too difficult to fix. You can use an anti-fogging product that will eliminate the build-up of condensation and ensure that there is no dripping through moisture. Yet, it is a great idea to get the skylight inspected by a pro.

Common fixes

Sometimes the skylight leaking problem is persistent and you will notice the issue when it rains. Keep in mind that improper skylight installation is the biggest reason for skylight leaking. The windows used for making the skylight have to be fitted precisely to the opening made for fitting the skylight. If this fitting is not done precisely, you are going to get leakage immediately. Or this problem may surface after a few weeks or months as the flashing begins to show signs of wear and tear.

The chances of finding out that the skylights are leaking increase with time. Rain may come in via cracks in the glass or it may seep in through the skylight edges. This can happen due to the warping of material over a period. What is surprising is that the skylights can leak even when you have dry weather. If you are looking for pros in Palm Harbor, FL area for skylight repair, look no further than Done Rite Roofing Inc for expert advice.